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The connecting rod is the main part of the engine. It can be called the Backbone of the engine. There is too much importance of connecting rod in an engine.

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Connecting rod rotates the crank shaft which helps the engine to move on or any vehicle to rotate its wheels. It is designed to withstand stresses from combustion and piston movement.
Connecting rods is toward lighter weight components. It must withstand with greater power loads though it is lower in weight. The purpose of a connection rod is to provide fluid movement between pistons and a crankshaft. The connecting rod is under tremendous stress from the load represented by the piston.

When building a high performance engine, great attention is paid to the connecting rods. The most effective feature of a connecting rod should be the uniform shape.
The cross section of rod beam design should be spread and minimize stress load over large uniformly shaped areas.
In operation stress are generated and radiate from one or more source on an element as the rod functions.